6 Facts About Commercial Voice-Overs

If you have heard of commercial voice-overs, you may have heard of celebrities like Mel Blanc and Willem Dafoe. First, however, you may need to learn what they have in common. While these celebrities do voice-overs for commercials, you should know that they are only some of the first to do this work. Over the years, exceptional talents in this field have often been honored with custom trophies at industry award ceremonies, celebrating their unique contributions to advertising and entertainment.

Willem Dafoe

Check out Willem Dafoe’s voice talent if you are searching for an actor to do commercial voice overs. Dafoe is no stranger to acting, appearing in several TV shows and movies. He also has a background as a writer, so you can rest assured that he will give your commercials a professional, convincing voice.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Dafoe starred in a Qwest commercial and was later cast in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory commercials. He also voiced several commercials for Pedigree.

Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc was the first voice actor to sign an exclusive contract. He had a story about getting a screen credit, often repeated in PR. In 1946, Warner Bros. hired Mel Blanc to act in the opening titles of cartoons, and the Warner Bros. contract specified that the actor would receive 20% of the net royalties from the recordings. The deal also included eight weeks of vacation every summer.

In his early years, Mel Blanc voiced a variety of cartoon characters. He was cast in the American Express “Do You Know Me?” commercial campaign, where he appeared as famous characters whose faces the general public did not recognize. He also appeared in a public service announcement for the Shriners’ Burns Institute. In addition, he provided the voice for Quintero the Puppet in the classic movie Snow White and the Three Stooges. His success paved the way for many other agents in animation.

Don LaFontaine

Your work will be heard on television and in movies, which is the first thing you need to learn about commercial voiceovers. Although many people aren’t aware of it, LaFontaine’s voice has been heard in various TV shows and films. However, despite his popularity, LaFontaine never gave up on his dream of being a voice-over actor.

Don LaFontaine is an American voice actor and producer. His first gig was as a movie trailer producer, and he quickly rose through the ranks. Next, he became a vice president at Paramount, where he voiced movies and commercials. He eventually left Paramount and started his own company. Later, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he worked as a voice actor for commercials. He recorded nearly three hundred and fifty radio commercials and movie trailers in his career, earning millions.

Willem Dafoe’s commercial voice-over work

Willem Dafoe’s work as a commercial voice-over artist is not limited to movie titles. Additionally, he provided the voiceover for the 2022 ABC documentary “River,” which explores the perilous state of rivers worldwide.

Dafoe has voiced commercials for various companies, including Qwest and Jaguar cars. He also has expressed television and radio spots for the Filmfare television channel. He has also been the voice of various products, including Domestos bleach and Steinlager Pure.

Mel Blanc’s signature call

Before becoming a commercial voice actor, Mel Blanc made his name in the radio industry. His radio acting career began when he was only nineteen years old. He lent his voice to a popular program called The Hoot Owls, which aired on the radio station KGW. His ability to portray various characters quickly gained him recognition. In 1932, Mel Blanc married Estelle Rosenbaum, who worked with him at the KEX radio station. He was hired to voice the main character in Cobweb and Nuts, a show that lasted only two years.

In addition to his voice acting work, Mel Blanc acted in a charge card commercial. Although the commercial was done after his death, his name is still often heard in the commercials. Mel Blanc was also active in philanthropic causes and received many civic awards. He also co-authored a book called That’s Not All Folks!, published by Warner Books. Unfortunately, the author died at the age of 90.

Mel Blanc’s Au Clair de la Lune recording

Mel Blanc’s Au Clair de la Loune commercial voice-over recording is one of the most famous recordings in the history of commercial voice-overs. In 1966, Mel Blanc’s production company released it as an LP record.

Mel Blanc was also the voice behind Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Porky Pig, and the Tasmanian Devil. These recordings showed his versatility as a voice actor and allowed him to capture the audience’s attention. As the voice of the animated characters, his performances delighted viewers.

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