5 Must-Have Open-Source KANBAN Boards to Stay On Track

5 Must-Have Open-Source KANBAN Boards to Stay On Track

Whether you’re managing a team of remote workers or just trying to keep your own priorities straight, it can be hard to stay on task and avoid getting overwhelmed with all the tasks you have to complete. KANBAN boards are an easy way to manage your workflow and get done what you need to without letting things slip through the cracks. If you’re looking for an open-source KANBAN board that fits all your needs, check out these five options! (Describe how each board works and include screenshots)


I’ve found TRELLO to be a great KANBAN board for many small businesses. TRELLO is a web-based platform where you can set up boards, lists, and cards with due dates for various tasks. In addition, you can also upload documents, images, videos, and other relevant material to each card (which makes it easy to collaborate).

You may need a different tool depending on your company’s needs. Some of the others I recommend are Asana (8 spaces) or Air table (larger workspaces). It’s important not only to find an open-source tool that suits your specific needs but also one that is compatible with your team’s work style and productivity habits.


Also, Taiga is very easy on your battery. A large part of its efficiency is due to the fact that it offers offline functionality and syncs automatically when you’re back online–nothing like logging on to something different than what you were working on last!

Lastly, I’ve been really happy with Taiga’s customer service.

 Flow dock

This KANBAN board was built by a company called Flow dock, which specializes in messaging and collaboration software. With this app, team members can create tasks, drag them onto different stages of the project, and discuss important questions as they arise. You can also see other items such as resources and discussions in one place. If you’re just getting started with using an open-source board or are looking for something intuitive and uncomplicated, Flow dock is worth checking out.

Hack pad

With over 70 million users, Hack pad is one of the most popular collaborations writing tools available. It also has a wide variety of KANBAN boards. If you are new to KANBAN, it can be daunting looking at a blank screen. Hack pad provides templates for topics like project management and sales processes with pre-determined tasks. And if your needs change quickly, no worries! All of these tasks can be organized in columns from left to right which makes it easy for you and other collaborators to switch them around and even resize them without much effort.

You might not need all these features right away either – try out a few that seem appealing and then customize as needed.

 Red mine

This one is the daddy of open-source KANBAN boards. Created in 2004, it’s been used for all sorts of projects, from Drupal and Word Press core development to software development processes at NASA. If you’re starting a new project or have an established project that needs help with organization, Red mine will likely be a good fit.

Which is the best?

Wonder list is one of the most popular KANBAN boards on the market and for good reason. Wonder list lets you organize tasks in a graphical timeline that can be seen as a list, calendar, or as interactive KANBAN board (with live updates). You can share lists with colleagues and clients, add subtasks to your current task by assigning them a due date and repeating them indefinitely, or set alarms so that tasks are constantly tracked.

The five boards featured here all have varying price points and features that make each of them viable solutions. Which one you choose really comes down to your budget and how much control you want over the project structure.

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