Breaking down Glass door’s List of High-Paying Internships

Breaking down Glass door's List of High-Paying Internships

We’ve all heard that internships can be an important stepping stone to landing your dream job, but how do you figure out which ones will really help you get ahead? That’s where Glass door comes in, as the site provides an extensive list of high-paying internships and the types of companies offering them. But what are these well-paying opportunities exactly? Are they all from Fortune 500 companies with deep pockets? And do all internships have to pay so much in order to remain competitive?


Facebook has six locations paying over $8,000/month

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook, and in 2004 the company made an IPO at a market value $100 billion. That same year, the company opened their first office. Today, they employ over 1 million people in their offices around the world. Check out Glass door’s list of high-paying internships to see what employers are willing to pay interns like you!

1) Facebook ($8,000 – $10,000/month) 2) Air BNB ($7,000 – $10,000/month) 3) Twitch ($7,500/month) 4) Amazon Lab126 ($6,600 – $10,000/month) 5) Apple Inc.

Apple offers interns up to $8,400 per month at three locations:

Apple offers paid internships for up to $8,400 per month in three locations: Cupertino, California; Austin, Texas; and Seattle, Washington. Benefits include extended AppleCare+, free bus transportation to/from work (including weekends), lunch vouchers that can be used at various restaurants throughout the location, onsite fitness facilities with personal trainers available seven days a week, onsite medical clinic with physician visit once a month plus urgent care services during weekday business hours.

Google pays interns up to $7,800 per month at five locations:

Glass door put together a list of the 15 internships that offer the most competitive pay across all 50 states. Google interns are offered up to $7,800 per month to work at five locations. Another internship with six locations (NYC, Boston, Seattle, Toronto and London) pays an average monthly salary of $6,874. Other internships on the list include Amazon ($5,410), Facebook ($4,740), Bain & Company ($4 million for three months), L’Oreal USA ($3,000) and JPMorgan Chase Bank($1,300). The site also broke down their top internships by city or state.


 Accenture offers nine locations paying over $6,300/month:

While summer internship opportunities might be ending soon, it is never too early to start looking for a high-paying internship. Some companies have such competitive applications processes that you might have to wait until the fall semester starts to find one. That is where sites like Glass door come in handy! The popular site provides salary information on many different jobs and internships, as well as company reviews. It has compiled some of the highest paying internships around and they are sure worth a look.

Salesforce has two locations offering over $6,300/month:

Salesforce has two locations on the list. One pays a monthly salary of $6,600 in Chicago, IL and the other is an internship at their San Francisco, CA location which pays $6,480 a month. The applicant must have at least five years of experience and specific certifications to qualify for this position. Candidates are expected to work an average of 40 hours per week and are required to relocate within the US where necessary.

 Spotify compensates interns up to $6,100 per month in New York City:

Glass door has unveiled their annual internship report, which detailed the best internships in America. With more than 100 spots on the list, they’re looking at a wide range of industries and companies across the board. This year, Spotify has been named as one of the top employers with an $8,700 monthly pay rate for interns in New York City. They also offer six weeks paid vacation time.

 Air BNB offers their interns to approximately $4,300 – $5,500 per month in San Francisco:

Rent is a big expense for most people, but it can also be an investments. According to the short-term rental website Air BNB, about 70% of their employees are millennial who list housing as one of their major expenses. As a result, the company offers interns approximately $4,300 – $5,500 per month in San Francisco (one sentence).

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