How Can You Fix An Android Phone That Refuses To Turn On?


Sometimes, your Android phone does not turn on, leaving you in need of Android phone repair in Chicago. But before going to take expert services, troubleshoot the problem yourself. Start by checking for physical damage, restarting the phone, and checking the screen. After that, charge its battery, clean out the charging port, and enable safe mode. You should also perform a factory reset as the last option. 

Fixing An Android Phone That Refuses To Turn On

After spending much to buy your Android phone, it’s frustrating when it does not turn on. First, take a look at all the possible reasons that cause the issue to troubleshoot this issue. 

What Stops Your Android Phone From Turning On?

Your Android might not be turning on for a number of reasons, such as a dead battery or software problems. However, you can usually focus on a few typical issues, such as:

  • A completely drained battery
  • Either physical harm or water damage
  • Software bugs

After knowing these culprits, we can decide our next step towards making our Android turn on. Here are all the effective steps shared by Android phone repair specialists that you can take.

  • Check For Physical Damage

First things first – have a brief visual inspection. Examine your Android smartphone for any signs and symptoms of physical damage. Check out cracked screens, water harm signs, or any irregularities that would be hindering its functionality. If this is seen as the damage, searching for expert Phone repairs in Chicago is the following logical step.

  • Restart The Phone

The traditional troubleshooting step – an easy restart. Press the power button for a few seconds until the tool powers off completely. Wait for a moment, then power it on again. Sometimes, all your Android phone needs is a quick reboot to solve minor system glitches.

  • Check The Screen

Ensure the display isn’t malfunctioning. If it is responsive, you can reject screen trouble. However, in case you see any cracks, discoloration, or unresponsiveness, replace it with a brand-new screen.

  • Charge The Battery

An obvious step but frequently ignored is charging your battery. Connect your Android phone to an efficient charger and let it charge for a minimum of 15-20 minutes. A completely drained battery can be the offender behind the refusal to turn on.

  • Clean Out The Charging Port

Accumulated dust and debris in the charging port can hinder proper connections. So, gently clean the port with a small, non-conductive tool, like a toothpick. Be cautious not to harm the port.

  • Enable Safe Mode

Booting your Android phone in Safe Mode can assist in knowing if a third-party app is causing the problem. To enable Safe Mode, press and hold the power button. When the Power Off option appears, press and hold it until the Safe Mode prompt appears. If your phone activates in Safe Mode, a problematic app can be the cause.

  • Perform A Factory Reset

A factory reset is a more drastic step, but it can be powerful in resolving continual issues. Keep in mind that this can erase all data on your tool, so make sure you’ve got a backup. To perform a factory reset, access the recovery menu via specific button combos particular to your Android model.

Where To Head For The Best Android Repair Services in Chicago?

To maintain the best possible condition for your device, get in touch with the professionals at TECH CITY for comprehensive solutions and expert Android repairs in Chicago. In return, get affordable, fast repairs with a thorough diagnosis and reliable warranties. 


When your Android phone refuses to turn on, do not panic. Try these troubleshooting steps before thinking about professional assistance. From checking for physical damage to performing a factory reset, these solutions can revive your device without the need for expensive Android repairs in Chicago

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can Physical Damage Stop Your Android Phone From Turning On?

Ans: Any visible harm to the phone, which includes a cracked display screen or water damage, can impact its functionality.

Q2: How Often Do You Restart Your Android Phone?

Ans: Regular restarts help avoid minor system glitches. Consider restarting your smartphone at least once a week.

Q3: What Is Safe Mode, And How Does It Help?

Ans: Safe Mode allows your phone to start only with important apps, supporting identifying and resolving troubles because of third-party applications.

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