Ikea’s Virtual Store: How to Join the Roblox Team

How to Join the Roblox Team

How to Join the Roblox Team

Buy Ikea Gift Card Online from U7BUY for Your Virtual Shopping Needs. Assembling a crew of Roblox gamers to work at its virtual store is an interesting (and, dare I say, eccentric) hiring strategy for Ikea. And here’s the best part? Working for pay is an option.

Monday, the Swedish shop said in a press release that it will be launching “The Co-Worker Game” on Roblox on June 24. This will be a virtual version of the store. Applications are being accepted by Ikea until June 16th for ten paid positions at their online store, which opened on Monday.

Ikea’s metaverse dream led them to collaborate with Roblox, creating an innovative space where players can experience diverse job roles within the company. This virtual store aims to provide an immersive experience, showcasing the wide range of career opportunities available at Ikea.

Playing a series of games based on actual Ikea jobs, paid employees will have the opportunity to put their abilities to use, help customers, and even advance to new departments, just like in the real Ikea. A wide variety of work prospects are showcased in the virtual store, which aims to immerse users in the Ikea experience.

Darren Taylor, the nation people and culture manager for Ikea UK and Ireland, said, “We’re excited to be the first brand to launch paid work on Roblox to showcase how we do careers differently, bringing our unique careers philosophy to life.” So said the Ikea representative.

Speaking more specifically, he said, “At IKEA, there is no set route to career progression.”

Employees can take their careers in any path they like, whether that’s in the game or the real world. They can transfer departments, change responsibilities, and advance at their own pace. Learning and development are key at IKEA, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at IKEA on Roblox.

The virtual store will continue to be accessible to the Roblox community, gamers, and Ikea fans, even though there are only 10 paid roles available. In the virtual Ikea universe, guests can go on adventures in places like the Swedish Food Market and Bistro, where they can play at being meatball servers or participate in showroom activities to arrange Ikea furniture in different ways.

Candidates for paid positions must submit a questionnaire, CV, and, optionally, videos. Candidates must be 18 and from the UK or Ireland. Virtual interviews will be held June 14–18 for selected candidates. Successful candidates will earn £13.15 per hour, or $16.48 USD, the Ikea London standard hourly rate.

Ikea’s approach follows other brands that have used the metaverse for creativity. Forever 21 Shop City, a virtual environment where players can run stores, launched in 2021. In 2022, Chipotle Burrito Builder let gamers make metaverse burritos.

Ikea shows its agility and engages with a younger, tech-savvy audience by using these innovative methods, showing that retail and work can be exciting and digitally engaging. Check How to Redeem Ikea Gift Card Online from U7BUY for a Seamless Shopping Experience.

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