Roof Decoration Precautions for Christmas


Christmas is a time we all look forward to and try to make the most of. But an integral part of enjoying Christmas is setting up the decorations. It is a common practice in some residential areas to adorn the exterior of the houses especially the roofs with lighting and different decorations. So let’s see what are the “don’ts” that you must keep in mind before going for roof décor.

Don’t decorate a damaged roof

Never install heavy or large decorative items on your roof. Strong winds or harsh weather might cause the decorations to move or slip, harming the roof further in the process. It is better to go for professional residential roof installation before the Christmas holidays to get your roof up to 

the mark so that decorating becomes an enjoyment and not a cause of concern in those long-awaited holidays.

Use proper footwear

Sometimes not wearing the proper footwear leaves the roof damaged. People tend to wear long boots having grooves to tackle the snow on the roof sometimes, but that should be only opted for when your roof can support that gear.

Watch out for electrical hazards

It is not safe to overload extension cords or circuits that could cause a fuse or even make the circuit catch fire in severe cases. Also, check the switches beforehand to make sure they are all working. You must switch off the decorations as well before going to bed eliminating the possibility of a hazard to occur.

Plan before implementing

Make sure to plan everything out before installing it. Make a layout on how you want the decorations to be and then check if your roof is in the condition to support all you want to do. If not, roofing repair should be the first point to be on your checklist. After ensuring roof safety, execute your plan on how to lay the decorations, and make sure to ask for help if you need assistance.

Check the decorations

Loose or open wires can result in damaging your roof or may even lead to a fire in severe cases. Therefore, check all the decorations thoroughly before putting them up so that many electricity hazards can be avoided.

Fasten the decorations properly

Christmas holidays might also bring severe weather conditions. Make sure there are no dangling electrical decorations out under direct rain or snow. Also, fasten the hooks securely so that they do not fall or get lost in windy weather.

Do not use roof-damaging tools

If you use staples or nails for securing the decorations, it will leave permanent marks on your roof, making it not only appear damaged but also destroying the roof tiles in the process.


Christmas is incomplete without house decorations. But at the same time, it is inevitable to make sure those decorations are secure. By following some precautions, you can avoid disasters and inconveniences that otherwise may end up destroying the vibe of your Christmas holidays making it a terrible memory instead of a joyous occasion.

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