System76 Launches Futuristic Keyboard

System76 Launches Futuristic Keyboard

Just about every keyboard you’ve ever used was designed in the 80s or 90s, when technology was still trying to figure out what it would look like at the turn of the century. The result was a hodgepodge of random features, many of which were rendered irrelevant by major advancements in electronics over the last two decades. Luckily, System76 realized this long ago and has been working on designing an ideal keyboard for today’s technology-oriented world since before anyone even knew what a smart watch was. Their efforts have finally come to fruition with the launch of their new futuristic keyboard.


Started in 2003 by a few students and recent graduates of University of Colorado at Boulder, System76 became the first OEM to ship computers with Linux pre-installed. With so many laptop and desktop manufacturers utilizing proprietary software and closed hardware standards, it was time for something new. Something that didn’t have strings attached to any one company or culture. Something that allowed you to choose the interface, tools, display settings – anything you wanted really – without needing an engineer from another company to get involved. And now System76 has come out with their newest product: A keyboard with Ubuntu’s Ayatana icons on each keycap for their Unity interface!


The keycap has a built-in multicolor, 1W led light bar that projects all of the 16.8 million colors. The keyboard is also backlit with white LEDs that automatically change based on what you’re doing, making everything visible in all sorts of lighting conditions. Plus, there are 3 programmable shortcut keys and 2 USB ports on the keyboard. This is what we need for our beloved computers from System76 to be future-proofed.

The Team Behind The Product:

System76 is a computer hardware company focused on providing professional-grade laptops, desktops, and servers to the discerning Linux user. Our mission is to deliver modern computers with open-source operating systems that are Ubuntu Linux-based. Founded in 2003 by Carl Richell and Lynn Fox, System 76 has delivered over 100,000 units worldwide and employs over 300 employees.

We firmly believe the world is changing to more open platforms, said Carl Richell, CEO of System 76. Operating Systems built around free software provide access to endless possibilities.


Starting at $129, the System76 Launch keyboard will go on sale starting on December 14th. With a pre-order window open now, you can reserve yours to be one of the first people in the world to own this new piece of technology. This futuristic keyboard was developed from scratch and manufactured in the United States with a lifespan that lasts up to fifty years. It includes haptic feedback for typing and responsive illumination that can adjust based on the lighting around you, making it easier for eyes to focus on what they’re looking at rather than trying to pick out letters. The future is here with System76 Launch.

Where to Buy:

System76 is a company known for its Linux operating system, Ubuntu. Now the company has launched a futuristic keyboard. The K1 features an intuitive touchpad-like area, or the Glide Point technology, which allows you to move around the screen with pinpoint accuracy on a computer mouse pad. Plus, you can use taps and swipes on it to input characters instead of lifting your fingers from the surface and typing like with other keyboards. All this works great for gamers who need both their thumbs for game controls.

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