8 Office Chairs That Will Make You Want to Sit Down and Get to Work

8 Office Chairs That Will Make You Want to Sit Down and Get to Work

You might not think that office chairs could possibly be a selling point of an office, but believe it or not, having the right chair can actually make your day-to-day work experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are 8 offices chairs we love and why we love them so much! (And they’re all available on Amazon!)


Whether they’re found in an office or at home, a recliner is perfect for those who want to kick back. They make you feel like you’ve just been invited into someone’s living room for a lazy Sunday afternoon movie marathon with all your favorite snacks. Plus, a recliner does wonders for sore backs, so if you have any pain or stiffness when getting up from sitting all day then it may be worth investing in one. There are many variations of the recliner but the two most popular ones are a three-piece set that includes armrests, wheels, and optional footrests; and single-piece models with push-back options.


Office workers spend more than a third of their lives at work. Naturally, it’s important to find the best ergonomic office chair that not only looks good but is also good for your back. The key word here is ergonomic. When looking for the perfect ergonomic office chair, make sure you don’t purchase a big, bulky one that will leave you feeling immobile. It is also important that your office chair is adjustable as we all have different postures.

Back support

The chair needs to have a proper back support so that your back can remain straight while you work. There is nothing worse than feeling like your lower back is on the verge of breaking with every keystroke or mouse click.


Armless chairs offer many of the same benefits as their more traditional counterparts, with the key benefit being that they offer the freedom to let your arms relax without having them perched on the armrests. They are also space-saving, since you won’t need any desk space for them (you can put them next to your desk).


With so many different futuristic office chairs on the market, it can be hard to find the perfect one for your space. Think about what you need and what kind of environment you are working in when looking for a new chair. For example, if you work in a room with windows, then it is not advised that you have a monochrome color scheme as this would make it difficult for people outside your workspace to see inside.


* KIMA (page 1) is a 3D-printed, ergonomic chair with customizable colors, meaning it’s uniquely yours. The chair can also be paired with a touchpad for personalizing your work space.

* The YARRO Throne (page 2) is made from genuine leather and inspired by thrones from the 16th century.

* The Ghost Chair (page 5) has 3 sizes in 18 color variations, meaning you can find the perfect style of furniture for your office. Plus, you’ll never have to wipe up crumbs again because it’s dishwasher safe! *Rotating vary Desk (page 7) allows individuals or collaborative teams to move as one unit and always stay connected through design built for mobility.

Space saving

There’s a lot of variety on the market for space-saving office chairs. Most of them involve turning your existing chair into a sit/stand type, with mechanisms that automatically lift the seat from its usual position. These mechanisms can be operated manually, or programmed according to a timer.

Mix and match

  • Blue Cloud-Lounge Chair: This chair feels like the perfect spot for unwinding after a long day.
  • Microsoft Lounge Chair: Need a place to chat or take a phone call? This stylish but functional chair is just the thing.
  • Eames Rocker: Who said you can’t work while rocking? The Eames Rocker is here, combining style with function.

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