Apple Unleashes Their Newest MacBooks- Here’s What Business Pros Want

Apple Unleashes Their Newest MacBooks- Here's What Business Pros Want

Apple’s newest MacBooks have been released, and with it has come the anticipated release of their new OS, OS X Yosemite. What does this mean for business pros? Read on to find out!

4 things you need to know about the new MacBook

  1. The new MacBook is said to be thinner, lighter, and more powerful than ever before.
  2. It is also said to have a better battery life and a new Force Touch trackpad.
  3. The new MacBook is available in silver, space gray, and gold.
  4. Prices start at $1,299 for the 12-inch model and $1,599 for the 13-inch model. The new MacBook has four things that business professionals want: better battery life, faster performance, a higher quality design, and most importantly lower prices.

 How can businesses save money on new Macs?

  1. Get discounts by buying in bulk. Many Apple resellers offer volume discounts, so it pays to buy several Macs at once if you can.
  2. Take advantage of trade-in programs. If you have old Macs that you’re no longer using, you can trade them in for a discount on a new one.
  3. Get an education discount. If you or your employees are students or teachers, you may be eligible for a discount on a new Mac.

Important things professionals need in their laptop

  1. A laptop that can handle high performance applications and large files quickly and easily.
  2. A laptop with a long battery life so that it can last through a full work day or travel.
  3. A laptop with a sleek and professional design that looks good in meetings or working from coffee shops.
  4. A laptop with a range of ports and connections to accommodate all of the different devices and peripherals that business professionals use.


5 questions to ask yourself before buying a new laptop

  1. How much money can you realistically afford to spend?
  2. What size and weight do you need/prefer?
  3. What type of processor do you need/prefer?
  4. What kind of operating system do you need/prefer?
  5. What other features are important to you (battery life, touchscreen, portability, etc.)?


6 questions businesses need answered about the new Mac

  1. The new MacBook Pro is said to be one of the most expensive laptops on the market. Professionals are more likely to stick with a tried-and-true laptop that won’t break the bank.
  2. The new MacBook Pro doesn’t have an SD card slot. This is a big deal for professionals who rely on being able to quickly and easily transfer files from one device to another.
  3. The new MacBook Pro doesn’t have a touch screen. This might not seem like a big deal, but for professionals who are used to working on touch screen devices, it can be a major inconvenience.
  4. The new MacBook Pro is said to have subpar battery life in comparison to other laptops on the market. Professionals need their laptops to last as long as possible without charging, so this is definitely something they will want to know about before purchasing.
  5. The new MacBook Pro is also said to be heavier than its competitors’ models which means professionals could end up carrying around a heavier computer than necessary if they’re constantly moving around throughout the day.
  6. It’s unclear whether or not Apple will offer any upgrades or repairs at their stores, which could make upgrading or repairing your Mac difficult if you’re outside of warranty coverage


5 reasons why professionals won’t upgrade to the new MacBook Pro

  1. The new MacBook Pro is significantly more expensive than the previous model, making it a tough purchase for those on a budget.
  2. The new design is slimmer and lighter, but it sacrifices some of the functionality that business users need, like the full-size SD card slot and MagSafe charging port.
  3. The Touch Bar is a nice addition, but it’s not nearly enough to justify the high price tag for many professionals who are used to working with traditional keyboards.
  4. There has been no mention of how the Intel chips will work with professional programs like Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut Pro X.
  5. The new MacBook has no USB Type-A ports, meaning any peripheral will have to be connected via USB Type-C or Bluetooth instead.

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