How to Get the Picture-In-Picture Extension for the Brave Browser

How to Get the Picture-In-Picture Extension for the Brave Browser

The Brave Browser from Brave Software has quickly become one of the best free internet browsers on the market, but that’s not all it has to offer. In addition to ad blocking and other privacy features, you can also get extensions to add more functionality to your browser, like the Picture-In-Picture extension, which allows you to play videos in a pop-up player while doing other things on your computer. This guide will show you how to get the Picture-In-Picture extension for your browser.


Step 1: Update to version 0.57.9 of the Brave browser

As of March 2018, Brave browser is currently on version 0.57.9 and as a result, it has removed PIP capabilities on YouTube. If you want PIP capabilities back and access to all extensions on YouTube, it’s very easy: update your browser! The process is quite simple and takes only a few minutes to complete but will make all the difference in your YouTube experience.

The first step to updating your browser is opening up Preferences from the three dots menu in the top right of your screen and then selecting Update from there. This will direct you towards either updating manually or accepting an update through Fomber (an application that installs updates automatically). Simply select whichever option applies and click Update when ready.


Step 2: Download and install the extension

The picture-in-picture extension is an add on that is available through the Chrome Web Store. To install, you can open a new tab and click Chrome Web Store then search Brave browser. The Brave browser will come up first, so click on it and click Add to Chrome. You will need to open a new tab and go back to your Gmail inbox and refresh so that all of your mail reappears in order for the extension icon to show up on the right side of your browser (looks like an eye). After opening up Gmail, you can hover over any e-mail within the preview box at the top of your inbox to preview it without having it take up screen space.


Step 3: Click on the PIP icon in the upper right corner of your browser

Click on PIP icon in upper right corner of your browser. Choose which website you want to open in a new window that’s always on top. To close, click on PIP icon again and select ‘Close’. Or simply press escape.


Step 4: Add Your Fav Shows

Brave offers two options when you click on a show. The first one will allow you to launch a browser tab and find a streaming link, while the second option will give you an inline player. It is important to note that this player is only available for watching video from YouTube. For everything else, we recommend opening a browser tab, visiting their website and clicking on your desired content.

When the video starts playing, click Add Show at the top of the screen. A popup window will appear with all of your shows which are listed in alphabetical order – just drag and drop them into whichever order you want them in. It might take some time getting used to scrolling through multiple pages of shows but with patience it becomes second nature!


Step 5: Play around with other great features

With this in mind, it might be time to explore other fantastic features offered by Brave that can improve your browsing experience. You can utilize extensions that allow you with support faster page loading and better security. The popular browser extensions, uBlock Origin and NoScript also provide users with efficient privacy features. Users can also choose from a variety of apps they would like on their desktop, without needing any additional software installation or setup. Those who have decided to make the switch from Chrome are sure to enjoy this new found level of flexibility that comes with the revolutionary browser, Brave.

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