Shattered iPhone Screens? Here’s How to Get Swift and Stellar Repair Service!

Shattered iPhone Screens

If your iPhone screen has cracked, you’ve joined an elite (yet unnamed) club. It’s a common problem, too.

But figuring out how to fix it yourself can be tricky. Plus, some DIY attempts can void your phone’s warranty. Here’s what to do instead:

Take Your Phone to a Repair Shop

Many people experience a Broken iPhone screen while owning a phone. This is because touch screens are not resistant to physical damage and can easily crack or shatter when exposed to blunt force.

Fortunately, there are several ways to fix a cracked or broken screen, and many repair shops offer this service. Moreover, repairing a screen is usually less expensive than purchasing a new device.

On the other hand, you should only assume that some repair shops are honest and trustworthy. Researchers have shown that it is possible for repair technicians to install booby-trapped parts in your device that can record keystrokes, take pictures, and upload them to the internet without you ever noticing. This is a significant privacy violation, and Apple recently settled a lawsuit with a woman who was harmed by this practice. Therefore, you should always back up and delete your data before handing over your device for repair.

Do Your Research

The iPhone is gorgeous, but it’s not made for easy use. The combination of slim, sleek edges and a high-resolution display is a difficult compromise between consumer desires and engineering reality. And even though these phones are designed to withstand impact, many people find themselves with broken or cracked screens.

If you want to save yourself a trip to the store, consider using a third-party repair shop that offers a competitive price and excellent service. Be sure to check your warranty, though, since repairing or replacing a screen yourself can void the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Before beginning a DIY phone repair, look at the costs of the replacement screen and the tools you’ll need to remove the old one. You also need to understand how the different types of displays behave when they are damaged. For instance, OLED screens can exhibit various issues when broken, including dead/stuck pixels and flickering.

Get an Estimate

There are a few ways to get an estimate for iPhone screen repair. One option is to visit an Authorized Service Provider, some carrier stores, and other third-party retailers. The other option is to call a local repair shop and ask for an estimate. Many local repair shops will provide a free estimate for the repair cost and can give you an idea of how long it will take to complete the repair.

Lastly, some cell phone providers offer in-house screen repairs at their physical store locations. These locations can examine your phone for free and tell you how much the repair will cost.

If you have insurance on your device or are still under warranty, the most expensive route would be to go directly through the manufacturer, like Apple or Samsung. However, suppose your insurance or contract has expired. In that case, you can save money using a third-party repair service that offers lower prices than the manufacturer and can often come to your home to make the repairs.

Bring Your Phone to the Shop

Many worry that bringing their phones to a repair shop will void their manufacturer warranty. However, this is untrue. The damage itself cancels the contract, not the repair work.

Repairs at independent shops are often cheaper than buying a new device from the brand’s authorized service center.

It’s also worth mentioning that most repair shops will not read your personal information (i.e., explicit videos, pictures, and messages) on your phone while it’s being repaired. However, this is still a risk and worth being aware of. You should note your IMEI number before going to a repair shop. This will help you locate your device if it gets misplaced while being repaired.

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